Summer Special: New Mineral Water on Sale

People drink more in the summer, which we, and our customers, like of course. Most people drink water when they are truly looking for something refreshing. Our summer special is 20 cases of premium brand of mineral water at a special price.

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Delicious California Wines

The Napa Valley in California is America’s leading wine-producing region. We carry dozens of Californian wines and certainly have some new ones that will interest you. For those interested in fabulous wines of California, we have put together a California package: Order five cases of Californian wine (you determine which one – find out more in our product catalog), and we will give you a 10% discount on your order.
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Renovation Special: We Need More Space in our Warehouse!

Our warehouse has become too small and we are renovating and expanding our storage areas. Therefore, we are offering a 20% discount this week on all juices!

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